Hoping to thwart the witches who betrayed her people, Clancy sets out to deliver a dose of confusion and chaos to their Samhain gathering but discovers she’s not the only one with revenge on her mind.

After a mysterious witch unleashes a curse at the event, Clancy finds herself at the mercy of Eli, a vampire bounty hunter sent to apprehend a dark witch intent on cursing the Covens. The problem? He’s captured the wrong witch.

The unlikely companions set out to reverse the curse but end up discovering truths about themselves they never imagined.


On Samhain night the covens gather under a Harvest Moon.

It’s a time for pure magic.
A night of unbridled witchcraft.
A celebration of all they are and all they will be.

But there’s a dark force lurking, hiding, plotting. A rogue determined to curse every witch at the gathering. When she does, no one escapes.

Face their fear.
Break the curse.
Survive or die.

These are the stories of thirteen witches cursed at the one place they should have found sanctuary.

Join the coven and learn their fates.

MidnightCoven.com // October 2019!