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What Book Junkie: Not So Anonymous says:

“This book is SO MUCH MORE than an erotic romance. Of course, the sex is smokin’ hot, and kinky… but the story behind it all? THAT is what kept me reading page after page. I couldn’t put it down.” 

Reads 2 Love about Curing Doctor Vincent:

“The Doctor will consume you, leaving you breathless, with an insatiable need for more. The story is well crafted, the mystery of the doctor is compelling, and the men are mouth-watering. Another five-star read from Ms. Mason.” 

My Crazy Book Addiction gives 5 Stars:

“Hot and sizzling… move over Mr. Grey… Dr. Vincent is in!!… This story, while very hot and at times unconventional, is at its heart about love, healing and growth. If you enjoy any of these elements, along with a healthy dose of spicy eroticism, then this story is very much for you.”

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