The Audiobook Book

Thank you for stopping by on your audiobook journey. You’ll find some key resources here that you can use to help you on your way. For MS WORD compatible versions of the documents seen here, join our Facebook audiobook community support group to download.


The Audiobook Assessment Sheet

To download the .doc version of this document, click the image and join The Audiobook Book Community Support Group and click the File in the group menu.


Looking for a narrator?

Of course, my fabulous co-writers are available for audition!

Noah Michael Levine

Erin deWard

But also check out some other amazing narrators I’ve met along the way.

Hollie Jackson (RS)

XE Sands

Jo Raylan

Paul Woodson

Romy Nordlinger

Rebecca Roberts

Aaron Shedlock (RS)





(RS) denotes that the narrator will accept Royalty Share agreements through ACX.



Marketing Links – Like Bookbub but for audiobooks  – Get the most from your ACX codes.



Notable Blogs and Websites…

Audiobook Bloggers


Authors with dedicated audiobook pages

Groups to join around the web.

The Audiobook Book Community Support Group

Aural Fixation – Romance focus audiobook group

Audiobooks – Erotic & Romance

Audiobook Addicts – Various genres

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